Convert Your Group Into A Lethal Profit Generating Asset That Nurtures, Incubates, and Creates Flourishing Community On Autopilot. 

Built By A Team Responsible  For 8+ Figures In Revenue & Nearly 1M People Across Our Facebook™ Groups.

Make Sure Your Sound Is On (Let The Video Fully Load)

 Create Community & Nurture Your Leads The Same Way The 8-Figure Entrepreneurs Do.

Instantly Inject Our 8-Figure Sales System Directly Into Your Business.

  • Groupified bridges the gap from your facebook group to your crm, so they both operate as one fluent machine. enabling you to collect leads on autopilot.
  • We give you the exact group framework that made us well over $10M. meaning, we literally showcase to you step-by-step how to use this software to convert clicks into high paying loyal customers & community members.
  • Groupified  will directly inject our proven BSF lead flow acquisition system which very well may become one of your businesses main lead sources.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

We Made Our Process Simple

Register Your Account

Setup Membership Questions

Start Approving Your Member Requests

Bulk Import All Facebook™ Group Leads At Once, Instantly Adding Countless Additional Leads To Your List.

Set it and Forget It - Grow Your List With 1 Click

Your Success Is Our #1 Priority!

Groupified Is Designed To Build Community, Generate Revenue, And Make You More Profit - All While Growing Your Lists & Your Client Base.

Groupified was created by 8+ Figure marketers who have managed nearly 1,000,000+ Members in Facebook™ groups. We use groupified to generate leads, build our email list, and create content automations using this software that converts into high-paying clients.
We created this software out of necessity because no other software would fit the bill with what we were looking to accomplish as Facebook™ group owners. Fast forward a few years, and we built groupified; which has helped us scale our company well past 8+ figures. Along with also helping our clients scale to their first $10k-100k+ months.

Groupified allows you to take full advantage of the daily lead flow into your Facebook™ groups, not only that but we literally have an entire training & course on the inside of groupified walking you through how to set it up properly. 

Groupified allows you to immediately send leads an email, or a text message, and also enables you to bring them into your world of automations, triggers, and flows.

We segment each group for you, allowing you to have separate lists to create custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and way more for each group you own and the niche you're involved in.

Zapier Supported To Integrate With All Applications

Using Active Campaign or maybe Twilio? 

Groupified was designed with all CRM's in mind. We've integrated with Zapier to move your contacts instantly from your Facebook™ group to directly into any CRM.

If you're using Active Campaign to send emails, maybe Twilio to send Text Messages, maybe Google Sheets to manage a list of leads, or even maybe HubSpot for your sales team to make calls on these hot leads...

No more headaches having to manually copy and paste the lead data.

Groupified is guaranteed to add an entirely new sales channel to your new or existing business.

 Why Use Groupified?

  • Custom Built Chrome Extension So You Never Have To Leave The Facebook™ Platform
  • Zapier Integrated So You Can Automatically Move Leads To Any Supported CRM, Email Auto Responder, SMS Software, Google Sheets and MORE!
  • Organize All Leads Based On Which Facebook™ Group Their Data Was Extracted From
  • ​Optimized For Ease Of Use With Automatic Scrolling Built In. If You Have Hundreds or Thousands Of Member Requests. Set It And Forget It!

We've Built This To Handle Small Groups and Large Groups With 100+ Daily Member Requests

You’re only a few clicks away From Implementing an ENTIRE 8-Figure &  PROVEN Lead Acquisition System. 

Which means, in just moments from now, you could be diving head-first into scaling your Facebook™ Leads and turning them into high-paying customers! 

We're so sure that groupified will become an integral part of your business, that we're willing to get you started for free!

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